Exhibiting ARtists

Listed by exhibition catalogue section

Biographies for the artists are at the bottom of each artwork page.

The exhibition essay by curator Ori Z. Soltes considers each of the included artworks and groups them into six exhibition sections. To view the online exhibition in catalogue essay order click the button below.

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Section One

1.1 “Identity” by Kalman Gavriel Delmoor
1.2 “Hineni, Eineni” by Billha Zussman
1.3 “Joseph” by Avrum Ashery
1.4 “First there was a word” by Yevgeniya Pavlova
1.5 “Eve and Adam” by Shelley Lowenstein
1.6 “Moses meets Modok” by Joel Silverstein
1.7 “Brothers” by Eliyahu Shafer
1.8 “Desert Sins” by Eliyahu Shafer
1.9 “Esther Before the King” by Karen Warshal
1.10 “Queen of Sheba Tests King Solomon” by Mil Wexler

Section Two

2.1 “Upstream” by Stacy Leeman
2.2 “The Humility to Listen” by Karey Kessler
2.3 “From the Book of Jewish History” by Marilyn Banner
2.4 “Prague Cemetery” by Marilyn Banner
2.5 “Inner Life of a Golem” by Judith Joseph
2.6 “The Golem Dreams of Flying” by Judith Joseph
2.7 “‘Why Do We Stay Up There If It’s So Dangerous?'” by Julia Ilyutovich
2.8 “Still Here After All These Years” by Josh Stein
2.9 “Immigrants at Ellis Island (maquettes)” by Phillip Ratner
2.10 “Reflections at Yad Vashem” by Yevgeniya Pavlova

Section Three

3.1 “Falling Man (maquette)” by Jonathan Hertzel
3.2 “Zora Kurz” by Diana Kurz
3.3 “Brothers” by Diana Kurz
3.4 “Requiem for Annemarie” by Geoffrey Laurence
3.5 “Reconnecting” and “Remembering Those Who Lived These Lives” by Joe Baur
3.6. “Kaddish After Pittsburgh” by Joyce Ellen Weinstein
3.7 “The Devils on my Shoulders” by Joyce Ellen Weinstein
3.8. “Generation to Generation” by Barbara Gelman
3.9 “Nine Faces of Women” by Susan Schrott
3.10 “Rabbi Alexander” by Deborah Addison Coburn
3.11 “Lucky Girl” by Deborah Addison Coburn
3.12 “Chanas Beys haChaim Muzey” by Anna Fine Foer
3.13 “Redacted Narrative #2” by Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld
3.14 “Embedded Memories” by Edna Kurtz Emmet
3.15 “Touched by the Wind” by Edna Kurtz Emmet
3.16 “Birthday at the National” by Tanya Levina
3.17 “I Want to Shrink” by Michele Amira Pinczuk

Section Four

4.1 “About the Conversation” by Heddy Abramowitz
4.2 “The Amichai Windows – Interior of Opened Enclosure” by Rick Black
4.3 “The Amichai Windows” by Rick Black
4.4 “Western Wall – Jerusalem” by Stephen Sholl
4.5 “Night at the Kotel” by Nona Zilberberg
4.6 “Pious Jew” by Leah Raab
4.7 “Jewish Pirate” by Leah Raab
4.8 “Herzl” by Hillel Smith
4.9 “Hamotzi Lechem Min Ha-aretz” by Hillel Smith
4.10 “Emma Goldman Encounters a Calving Glacier” by Adam Brown
4.11 “Orphans and Angels” by Aaron Koster
4.12 “Respect Your Elders” by Ronni Jolles
4.13 “Time with Boobie” by Adrienne Torrey
4.14 “Wonder Bread” by Adrienne Torrey
4.15 “Okuniewicz” by Gail Rebhan
4.16 “Santa Yarmulke” by Jacob Rath
4.17 “Goy Division (t-shirt)” by Jacob Rath
4.18 “My Jewish Nose” by Goldie Gross
4.19 “Nisht Mayn Got” by Goldie Gross
4.20 “Jewraffe” by Cassandra Clark
4.21 “Essaouirra III” by Miriam Stern
4.22 “Hanging by a Thread” by Heather Stoltz
4.23 “Tallit Katan” by Rachel Kanter

Section Five

5.1 “Wings of Peace Tallit” by Diane Fredgant
5.2 “Trees Tallit” by Ruth Simon McRae
5.3 “Bar Mitzvah Speech” by Aaron Koster
5.4 “Wedding Canopy” by KJ Hannah Greenberg
5.5 “Tu b’shvat” by Susie Lubell
5.6 “Day of Atonement for Indiana University” by Dr. Barry Alpert
5.7 “Seder Plate” by Barry Goldstein

Section Six

6.1 “Black-Eyed Susans and Roses Mezuzah” by Bonnie Zuckerman
6.2 “Quarantine” by Zoe Feldman
6.3 “Rahamim” by Peter Sprung